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Our Gaskets

left to right: original Honda gasket, 1st prototype, 2nd prototype, production gasket
left to right: original Honda gasket, 1st prototype, 2nd prototype, production gasket


Our gaskets are not just copies of the original Honda gaskets but are an original design with a modified form. The gaskets (base-gaskets) have a shape that fits the transfere ports in the cylinder better than the original Honda base-gaskets (they retained the CR125 port shapes). Prototypes are produced in house using our own 3D printer. With the 3D printer we can test the gasket shape and fit before putting the new design in to production.


Our gaskets are produced by a German gasket manufacture with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification using gasket paper from a German manufacture to DIN 2768 M specifications.

Why our gaskets?

While searching for original parts we came across a gasket in of the big online auction houses. The picture in the auction was of an original gasket and the price was quite high so, the auction seemed genuine. We bought the gasket and a few weeks later a bad copy of the original Honda gasket arrived at our door. In the envelope were two gaskets but the quality was so bad, that using them was out of the question. In the following picture you can compare both gaskets - left the poor quality gasket, right one of ours:

Fit was also poor:

The material used to make the gasket felt more like normal cardboard than quality gasket mateial.

Our gaskets have a good form, good fit and are made from high quality gasket material. We put alot of effort into making high quality gaskets, for your machine, that you can use with out hesitation.